Why Choose Green Harbor?

Green Harbor is committed to providing patients with an extensive selection of naturally-grown cannabis flower and products, including top-quality edibles, extracts, and concentrates. Founded in 2019, the company leads the way in providing Massachusetts medical marijuana market with quality products, excellent value, and knowledgeable customer service.

Our Scope and Mission

Massachusetts is home to almost 60,000 active patients for whom medical marijuana delivers valuable therapeutic results. Green Harbor exists to help people with debilitating medical conditions improve the quality of their lives with cannabis-infused medical products that work where other drugs and treatments often fail.

Who Are We?


Green Harbor’s executive team consists of reputable entrepreneurs with longstanding involvement in the state’s pharmaceutical, medical, and commercial sectors. We navigate the highly regulated medical cannabis industry for our patients, offering Boston’s medical marijuana community access to safe, high-quality cannabis products at competitive prices.


Our team of cannabis cultivators put years of horticulture experience to work for medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts. We operate one of the most advanced cultivation sites in the state, allowing us to provide the local cannabis industry with quality and consistency at a price point that many cultivators cannot match.


Our retail team plays a crucial role in delivering excellent, knowledgeable service to newcomers and longtime marijuana users alike. Behind their courteous smiles and friendly demeanor, our budtenders hold a wealth of information about the subtle differences between cannabis strains, products, and delivery methods. Rely on Green Harbor’s budtending team to optimize your medical marijuana experience.