Stock Your Dispensary With Top-Quality Green Harbors Products

The local cannabis industry is growing rapidly. Demand is outpacing supply as medical and recreational marijuana users adjust to more liberal cannabis regulation.

As medical dispensary owners, we know how hard it can be to keep the shelves stocked with excellent cannabis products that meet stringent quality control and safety standards. That’s why we offer wholesale cannabis pricing to a network of dispensary partners throughout the state.

Don’t Keep Your Patients and Customers Waiting

Our state’s recreational marijuana market has not yet fully adjusted to cope with public demand for safe, high quality cannabis products. It’s not uncommon for customers to drive long distances and wait for hours to purchase cannabis.

Under these conditions, stock burnout is a brand-damaging threat. It’s easy to imagine a customer’s frustration after spending a whole day driving and waiting in line only to find out that the dispensary is out-of-stock.

Rely On Green Harbors Cannabis Cultivation and Distribution

We see opportunity where demand outstrips supply. Our team runs one of the most advanced marijuana cultivation centers in the state of Massachusetts. With our help, your dispensary can keep its shelves stocked with safe, high-quality cannabis products grown and processed by industry experts.

We grow our marijuana in state-of-the-art conditions, ensuring maximal yields and optimal THC and CBD content according to established strain norms. Our processing center is equipped with the latest closed-loop extraction systems, producing high-grade cannabis concentrates and oils with professional consistency.

Stock your cannabis dispensary with Green Harbor cannabis products starting today. Speak with one of our wholesale specialists to find out how!

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