Massachusetts Cannabis Patient FAQ

As one of the state’s most reputable medical marijuana dispensaries, Green Harbor is committed to helping patients find safe, effective cannabis products. Our team is happy to help guide you through the process of qualifying for and obtaining a medical marijuana card that will let you purchase our products.

On November 8, 2016, Massachusetts voters approved a measure to legalize and regulate recreational cannabis products for adult use throughout the state. While anyone over the age of 21 may now buy, sell, possess, and use cannabis products, the recreational market does not “replace” the medical market. Recreational dispensaries are few and far between. Demand currently outstrips supply, and the existence of a stable, highly regulated medical marketplace ensures that patients with genuine medical needs can still fill their prescriptions reliably.

To obtain a medical marijuana card, you have to visit a qualified medical professional and obtain a certification based on your medical needs. You must then submit an online application to the Cannabis Control Commission. If the commission accepts your application, you will receive your card in 1-2 weeks.

The State of Massachusetts specifically mentions cancer, HIV, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Crohn’s Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis as examples of debilitating diseases for which medical marijuana offers valuable therapeutic effects. The state’s list is not exhaustive, however – a certifying physician may recommend medical marijuana for any debilitating illness according to his or her best judgement.

Patients who are unable to visit cannabis dispensaries, purchase cannabis products, or administer cannabis-based medicines may appoint someone else to perform these tasks on their behalf. Caregivers may be family members, close friends, or health professionals. Patients who wish to appoint a caregiver may do so when applying for their marijuana card. After that, the caregiver must submit a separate application to register with the state.

No. Insurance policies do not currently cover medical cannabis product purchases.

Green Harbor is fully compliant with strict state regulations concerning the cultivation, processing, and testing of cannabis products. We are committed to improvement, quality and consistency throughout our product lines. All of our products meet stringent quality and safety standards through certified laboratory testing.